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Yoga as a Path of Both Self Realization and Service

The yogic path is a spectrum of self to service.

There’s lots of talk about self care these days. In yoga, self care intersects with service: as we help ourselves, we help others. As we help others, we help ourselves.

Yoga has helped me to feel whole in a world that continually tells me I am broken. I want to give that gift of wholeness to other people, and I get to give that through my practice.

Let’s forget about the perfectionism that makes it seem like you have to meet a long list of criteria in order to be a yoga teacher or leader. Being a yoga teacher is NOT a job description. It’s a heart space.

In this video I dive deeper into yoga as a path of both self realization AND service:

Saying F*** YOU to that inner judgment and simply sharing your gifts (I know you have them) is disrupting the system and paving the way for a better world that reflects more of the wholeness that you are finding within.

I want to be as immersed in yoga as I possibly can, while also being an activist for social and environmental justice. I am following my personal path to wholeness AND I am stepping up to serve. The two go hand in hand.

What I’m ultimately interested in sharing with people is the richness of yoga, while honoring its roots.

This idea of self realization and service being one is antithetical to a whitewashed, colonialist capitalist perspective, so it may take some un-doing to grasp it. It’s okay. The heart recognizes this truth.

I want to share the ways that yoga can be used to heal and connect the self and the collective.

Yoga helps you share your gifts with the world. First, you receive the gifts of yoga through your personal practice. Then, you go deeper on your personal awakening by giving those gifts to others. This is the yogic path.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about yoga as a path to self realization AND service, check out my FREE Yoga Roadmap: A guide to practical and spiritual growth with yoga — PLUS Recommended Resources, Trainings & More by clicking here.

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