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Who should (and who shouldn’t) be a yoga teacher?

You don’t need to be flexible or do insta-gymnastics to be a yoga teacher. Yoga has tools for people of all kinds. And as you’ve probably heard me say before, yoga is so much more than the physical practice (Asana).

When one type of person constitutes the “typical” yoga teacher, it makes yoga feel inaccessible to so many who could benefit from it. To create more accessibility in yoga, we need more diversity in our yoga leaders.

It’s a common (mostly unconscious) habit to recognize thin, white, cisgender, flexible, young women as yoga teacher material. Everyone else is just… “not cut out for yoga teaching” according to these stereotypes constituted by a culture that runs on white supremacy.

We need to stop defining who should be a yoga teacher on these shallow measures. In this video I dive deeper into why these stereotypes must be broken:

Who should really be a yoga teacher? Anyone who is passionate about yoga and dedicated to deep study & embodiment of all the intricacies of yoga as a way of life.

Demonstrating advanced acrobatics isn’t required in order to lead the way in this highly spiritual and multi-faceted system for living well.

Yoga is for everybody, and it’s our mission at Ignite Yoga and Wellness to inspire & educate everyone who loves yoga to understand & embody the true meaning of yoga.

If you share this desire to see equity, diversity & authenticity restored to yoga, then you’re in the right place.

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