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Myths about Yoga, Busted.

Let’s bust some myths about yoga today.

Western Yoga culture makes it seem like yoga is all about getting that perfect headstand… Modern yoga seems to operate on this idea that if you can hold your crow pose for a certain amount of time, you’re more spiritually enlightened than those who stumble…

But yoga is about SO much more than just Asana (the physical practice/poses). Yoga is a lifestyle — but I’m not talking about a material lifestyle defined by tight pants, shirts with OM symbols, sports bras and other products.

Yoga is a way of life based on consciously choosing our actions, attitudes and habits. It’s about living in congruence with the ethics, philosophy, and moral values of peace — inner peace, and outer peace. In this video I dive deeper into what I mean by this:

Most people think they can only be a yoga teacher once their physical yoga practice reaches a certain level. But there are many ways to teach yoga. And there are many aspects of yoga that are essential to the authentic practice of this ancient tradition.

There are 8 limbs of yoga, including the yamas and niyamas - a code of both internal and external ethics:

The Yamas are about living in a way that does no harm, that is truthful, responsible, generous and expresses unity.

The Niyamas are about living with an internal commitment to study yourself, to choose contentment, clarity, service and to surrender to a higher intelligence.

Yoga is a process of becoming. Practice ≠ Performance.

The best yoga teachers are the ones who lead by example and I have to honestly point out that if someone is unconsciously appropriating yoga and teaching from that place, then they are incongruent with one of the core principles of the Yamas: Ahimsa — Non-harming.

So, my friend, I’m glad you’re here. Because there is much growth and healing available for the Yoga world of today.

And this growth and healing will be brought by people like you — people who are genuinely interested in honoring the roots of yoga, and internally dedicated to leading by example and embodying all of yoga. 🙏🏽

Please don’t stop at learning Asana. There is SO much more to yoga. And the 8 limbs hold an immense wealth of wisdom, knowledge and power for those who are willing to study, learn, teach and live them.

To learn more about embodying the roots of yoga, check out my FREE Yoga Roadmap: 3 Signs You Are Ready for Yoga Teacher Training and 3 Keys to Picking the Best YTT for YOU — PLUS Recommended Resources, Trainings & More by clicking here.

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