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How do you know you’re a “yogi”?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

I want you to know, I really understand how hard it is to feel like you don’t fit into the yoga community. Sometimes, even being a Desi/Indian woman (whose ancestors literally invented yoga) I have at times felt like I don’t fit in. Wild, right?

But this is what happens when white supremacy and cultural appropriation reigns.

It’s okay if you don’t "look like a yogi." If you believe what you see in yoga magazines, it will probably seem like the foundational tenets of yoga are about:

*being flexible

*looking young

*being thin & slender

But I promise you, these are NOT the foundations of yoga. 💥

The truth is, the foundations of yoga are 100% for YOU no matter how you look or identify in the world. Yoga is about connection, unification, and integration.

Yogic principles apply to more than just mind, body and spirit. They apply to the community and society. Applying yogic principles means creating opportunities for diversity, inclusion & equity in yoga studios, yoga magazines, and all yoga offerings.

In this video I dive deeper into what it really means to be a yogi:

A great yogi and a great yoga teacher cannot be measured by physical ability or appearance. And flexibility doesn’t equal strong leadership skills.

It’s time for the yoga world to take a deeper look at what yoga is really about: the awakening of consciousness and connecting to true peace.

A great leader and a great yoga teacher is someone who:

cares about people

has integrity & vision

is courageous and challenges norms

None of these qualities has to do with whether or not you can put your legs behind your head.

So what does a “yogi” look like?

Well, in India when we say "yogi," we mean a realized master. In the West, we mean a yoga practitioner or teacher.

And what does that look like?

Like you.

Your unique identities may not be well represented in the yoga world (yet) — but representation does not define belonging.

If you’re on a spiritual path, if you desire to be a good person, do good things in the world, reach your full potential, are drawn to wisdom & knowledge and expansion… then you look like a yogi to me.

You belong in any yoga class, yoga teacher training, or yoga retreat, because of who you are, not what you look like. ❤️

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about embodying the roots of yoga, check out my FREE Yoga Roadmap: A guide to practical and spiritual growth with yoga — PLUS Recommended Resources, Trainings & More by clicking here.

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Sheena Henderson
Sheena Henderson
26 sept 2022

This is so true! As a recently qualified yoga teacher, of 58 now..and a BMI that classes me as obese I often feel like an imposter, but each time I do I draw back to Patanjali's sutra - "Yoga is the cessation of turnings of thought." It is not about sticking my foot behind my neck, doing the splits or binding into an impossible knot. It is about me being quiet in my physical body. Sometimes you wouldn't even be able to tell I am practising, but I am, in my way. Each day I bring a different self to my practice, sometimes on the mat and sometimes not depending upon what I need and where it leads each day.…

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Pavlo Savchenko
Pavlo Savchenko
30 jun 2022

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