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Let's work together to embrace
yoga and create a fully inclusive 
and diverse yoga community.

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Want to learn more about 

Inclusion and diversity in yoga?

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200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings -

 advance your practice for personal and social change.

Ignite Your Yoga Leadership with

Equity and Confidence. 

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Hi, I’m Susanna Barkataki - A teacher, inclusivity promoter, and yoga culture advocate. I see a world where yoga unites us all and excludes no one . . .But that wasn't always my understanding.
I’ve been practicing yoga for as long as I can remember. Rooted in my Indian and British background, as an immigrant to the US I experienced a lot of violence because of my race and culture. The very things I was made fun of for later became the tools for my liberation. Yoga helped me decolonize and love myself.
The way we do yoga in the West often continues to create competition and separation with ourselves and others. Instead, original yoga exists as a way to connect us all - dissolving separation within and without. Through personal experience and an educator and activist, I know that yoga is here for us to cultivate power and transcend our limitations, personally and socially.
I know that my passion is to help others bridge the gap between yoga as an exercise and yoga as a lifestyle... Because true yoga is so much more than just the poses. It’s an age-old practice that serves us all!
Today, I work to showcase yoga in action, spread the message of diversity and inclusion, and help people connect through yoga to live a happy, fulfilling life for themselves and others. And I’d love for you to join me in this mission!
We can learn authentic yoga culture as a vessel for shaping change now. Together, I know we can live a more fulfilling life - socially, physically and spiritually!

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From conferences to workshops, I’d love to talk about yoga, diversity, and inclusion at your next event!

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Yoga grows best with diversity and inclusion. 
I wrote a book and created a course about how to Embrace Yoga's Roots to help you to be the inclusion you want to see.

Do you believe yoga is for everyone? Let's help people see that.