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Resources to Research / Learn From / Donate To

Note: As part of this Embrace Yoga’s Roots community and Yoga Organization donations are made on your behalf to Black Lives Matter as well as Indigenous First Nations and South Asian justice organizations. And reparations are long overdue and no end is in sight so donations and support are always welcome if you want to send your own gifts to any of the reparations organizations we share here. This list will always evolve and grow.


We are committed to support communities impacted by systemic oppression and injustice and that work to create equity. 


Black Lives Matter - Global Network is a chapter-based, member-led organization whose mission is to build local power and to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.


Dignity and Power Now - Abolitionist organization working to end incarceration and support communities with arts and wellness.


Minnesota Freedom Fund - Abolitionist organization working to free incarcerated folks of color and end the criminal injustice system.


Sistersong: strengthens and amplifies the collective voices of indigenous women and women of color to achieve reproductive justice by eradicating reproductive oppression and securing human rights.


Global Fund For Women - Global organization that protects the rights of women, especially women of color, worldwide. 


Indigenous World - Global Human Rights organization dedicated to preserving rights of Indigenous people worldwide. 


The First Nations COVID Emergency Fund - Funding for Indigenous communities hardest hit by health crises.F


Humanitarian Aid in India

Action Aid India—

Maitri India—

Sarvodaya—Service-Based Social Change

Surya Chandra Foundation - Resources for Women and Girls


Yoga-Based Service/Schools in India

Manav Sadhna

Kushi Yoga Academy—


Chhoti Si Asha—; Support their work through:


U.S.-Based Organizations

South Asian Mental Health Organization—

SAALT—(South Asian Americans Leading Together)—

SATRANG—Serving South Asian LGBTQ—

Equity Labs - Fighting Caste Based Oppression - 

ABCDYogi - Diasporic South Asian yoga teachers to support and learn from

Sakhi For South Asian Women—

The Sikh Coalition—

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective—

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